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FREE indoor air quality
monitoring trial for NHS

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Register for a FREE indoor air
quality monitoring trial

12 month period

No cost/no obligation

NHS organisations only


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic air quality and
ventilation has become a vital part of the equation
in preventing virus transmission

  • Evotech Air Quality is an Airthings for Business certified partner. We are offering NHS organisations a free, no obligation, trial of the award winning Airthings View and Space Plus air quality monitoring sensors.
  • Our specialist engineers will work with your estates and facilities team to determine the most suitable area to place the wireless test sensors.
  • Scroll down for more information on what’s in the air we breathe, how indoor pollutants can cause and exacerbate health conditions and how our state of the art monitoring solutions can help you see what’s in the air you breathe and provide real-time and historical data so that you know where, when and how to improve it.

See what's in the air you breathe

Real time
Secure &

Powered by Airthings Space Plus,
the award winning indoor air quality monitoring sensor

IHS 2018
Time 2019
CES 2021

Live indoor environmental surveillance 24/7,
using seven onboard sensors

Receive reports, alerts and notifications direct to your inbox keeping you fully informed about your indoor environment


It makes good business sense too...

  • Reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission
  • Create clean, healthy & comfortable indoor spaces
  • Lower absenteeism & increase employee productivity
  • Increase patient & employee confidence in the safety of NHS settings
  • Reduce the risk of litigation
  • Significantly reduce energy costs & carbon emissions

    (When sensors are integrated with suitable BMS & HVAC systems)


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Register here for a
FREE indoor air quality
monitoring trial

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