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Air Quality

What's it all about?

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Air Pollution

The biggest environmental emergency of our time

"Our activities have been dirtying and poisoning the Earth's life-giving air to the point we are choking ourselves."

Sir David Attenborough, Oct 2021

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What's in the air you breathe?

Find out what's in the air you breathe and how air pollution affects your life

Virus Transmission Risk

What is it? How does it
affect you, and what are
the scientific facts,
figures and guidance?

How does air quality affect your business?

Find out how indoor
air pollution affects
within workplaces and educational settings

Read about the
impact of poor indoor air
on your health and

Discover how air
quality data can enhance
you HVAC system's performance and
improve energy

Explore why indoor
spaces pose a higher risk
of virus

See what business risks
are emerging following
the global COVID-19 pandemic

Indoor Environmental Quality

The future of indoor spaces

Knowledge hub

Facts, figures, research,
news and anything
vaguely interesting to do
with air quality

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