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See what's in the air you breathe

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Powered by Airthings Wave Plus,
the award winning indoor air quality monitoring sensor

IHS 2018
Time 2019
CES 2021

Live indoor environmental surveillance 24/7,
using seven onboard sensors

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Why monitor indoor air quality?


High levels of CO2 reduce cognitive function making it more difficult for people to learn, perform tasks and make decisions.


Poor indoor air quality increases the likelihood people are unwell leading to higher levels of absence and reduced wellbeing.

Energy Efficiency

Optimising HVAC systems using live air quality data can significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce your running costs.

Virus Risk

Virus transmission risks are far greater in indoor spaces as microscopic airborne droplets remain in the air for long periods of time and can quickly spread throughout a building.

Business Risk

Future public health pandemics, workplace biosecurity and employee wellbeing litigation are just a few of the emerging challenges employers face in the post Covid-19 world.

Why does air quality matter and how does it affect you?

Legislators are preparing to get tougher on indoor air quality, as science proves it has a real impact on our health, productivity and wellbeing

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Our starter kit comes with

3 NO. Wave Plus sensors

Wireless solution

Smartlink connectivity with the Airthings Hub.

Visual indicator

LED glow ring gives visual indication of air quality.

Adaptable positioning

Can be either wall or ceiling mounted.


Secure and encrypted end-to-end solution.

Long battery life

2AA batteries with
> 2yr battery life.

Seven sensors

Radon, CO2, TVOC, humidity, temperature, air pressure and light.

IHS 2018
Time 2019
CES 2021

3 NO. Wave Plus sensors

Virus Risk

1 NO. Hub

Long range

Long range connection with Airthings sensors
(> 1km line of sight).

Visual status indicator

LED indicators display power, cloud and sensor connectivity.

Live data streaming

Live data streaming to the Airthings cloud with the onboard 3G/4G e.Sim.

Remote access gateway

Remote access to your Airthings sensors enabling full ecosystem control.


Secure and encrypted end-to-end solution.

Flexible positioning

Can be wall mounted or positioned on a table top.

1 NO. Hub

Fully supported solution

Set up & onboarding
Help & advice
12 months' support
1yr product guarantee
User training
Free postage (mainland UK)

£795 +VAT*

* Includes 12 month user licence.
  £68+VAT per device, per year thereafter.

Fully scaleable solution

Yes please, I'd like an indoor air quality starter kit

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