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What's in the air you breathe?

Find out with our 90 day indoor air quality healthcheck

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Indoor air quality healthcheck from £195.00 + VAT. Call Us 0333 207 4245

How does the health check work?

As an Airthings For Business certified partner, we are offering UK businesses a 90 day indoor air quality health check using the award winning Airthings Space Plus
air quality monitoring sensors

  1. Purchase the health check online today and we will send you our health check kit within 3-5 working days
  2. Plug in the Airthings Space Hub
  3. Position the Airthings Space Plus wireless sensors around your building in the areas you would like to monitor
  4. Monitor your air quality data in real time using the Airthings Business Dashboard
  5. Run reports weekly, monthly or after 90 days to see what's in the air you breathe
  6. After 90 days we will collect the health check kit, but if you would like to keep monitoring your indoor air quality we will give you a credit of £100 against any sensors you buy

Why does air quality matter and how does it affect you?

Legislators are preparing to get tougher on indoor air quality, as science proves it has a real impact on our health, productivity and wellbeing

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See what's in the air you breathe

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Powered by Airthings Space Plus,
the award winning indoor air quality monitoring sensor

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Live indoor environmental surveillance 24/7,
using seven onboard sensors

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#CleanAirSchools campaign

We're helping local schools better understand
what's in the air they breathe

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