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indoor spaces
with intelligent air
quality control

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Control what's in the air you breathe

Evotech's intelligent control solution continuously monitors your indoor air quality, alerting you to changes in environmental conditions and automatically takes action to remediate potential risks.

Using state of the art technology, it can work either as a standalone solution or can be seamlessly integrated with your building controls and HVAC systems, automatically optimising air quality to provide safe, healthy indoor spaces.

Smart technology safeguarding
indoor spaces


Airthings wireless indoor air quality sensors continuously monitor your environmental conditions, providing data on particulate matter (PM1.0/2.5), CO2, Radon, VOC's, temperature, humidity and virus transmission risks.

Wireless solution

Secure & Encrypted

Long battery life

Standalone connectivity
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Fresh air isn't always clean air, so we monitor your outside air quality using the Airly forecast service.

Live data

Forecast data (24hr)

4,500 monitoring stations
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For enhanced, hyper-local outdoor air quality data, we can add the Airly weatherproof sensor.

Wireless solution

Secure & Encrypted

Long battery life

Standalone connectivity
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Evotech SmartLink connects your building controls, HVAC systems and IOT devices with the Evotech cloud, automatically optimising your indoor environment.

Reports & alerts

Receive reports, alerts and notifications direct to your inbox keeping you fully informed about your indoor environment.


Build confidence and demonstrate safe, healthy indoor environments using the kiosk dashboard to display live air quality data.

Fully supported 24/7

Our team of brilliant data scientists, chartered engineers, system integrators, technical specialists and customer success champions will fully support you, overseeing every aspect of our solution from initial survey through to ongoing indoor environmental surveillance and remediation.

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