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CO2 monitoring

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Airthings Space CO2 Sensor from £179 + VAT. Call Us 0333 207 4245

Why monitor CO2?

High levels of CO2 can increase the risk of airborne virus transmission and cause lower productivity, drowsiness, headaches and loss of concentration. The levels can rise quickly in enclosed spaces, so measuring CO2 levels serves as a good indicator of how well your space is ventilated

Take control of the air you breathe

Airthings Space CO2 Sensor

Meet the Space CO2 Sensor

Virus Risk
Wireless solution

Smartlink connectivity with the Airthings Space Hub.

Customisable display

Fully customisable display. You choose what to see.

Six sensors

Carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, virus risk, noise, light.

Airthings dashboard

View, compare and export data.

Long battery life

Up to 10 years of battery life.

Over the cloud updates

Constant improvements and updates delivered over the cloud.

CO2 Alert

The optional CO2 Alert feature lets anyone in the room take control of the air they are breathing by visually alerting them through a red LED light on the sensor when CO2 levels get too high

See what's in the air you breathe

Try our indoor air quality starter kit from
£899.00 + VAT

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